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UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers – Bahrain 2018

In the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers initiative. Opportunity exists with the ARAB HOUSE FOUNDATION under Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities , for International volunteers between 18 to 30 years old concerned in World Heritage preservation. Volunteers are invited to work on a variety of programs from (09-20 / November /2018) in two UNESCO sites as bellow;
 – (Qal’at al-Bahrain):
 – (Pearling Path):
Fee (250 Euro) will covered all the bellow costs (more details in application) :
- Accommodation (4-5 Stars Hotel, 2-3 beds in each room)
– Airport Assistant and transportation from/to 
- Foods ( 3 Meals)

 – Schedule site visit ‪‬ ‬
Mohammed Bukamal
AH Foundation

​ Sustainable Food Production training in India, 16-25 Nov 2018

IVP offers an opportunity for one of our members to take part in a training in Sustainable Food Production to take place in Kundapur, India from 16-25 November.


Cost of flights will be covered for suitable applicant.

During the training participants will produce a DESIGN and ACTION PLAN which they will implement during the 9 months follow up period. During this period they will be expected to participate in regular (every 4-5 weeks) online meetings. They will also receive Modules/ Information Packs and an assignment each month. There will be feedback, question time, review and reporting of progress and challenges.

Candidate must have a confirmed location to implement their project (school garden, community garden, kitchen garden, small plot).  They must be able to follow up with on-line modules and carry out impact assessment with the support of IVP.

For more details, contact Rita Warleigh:  +61450900276

Sustainable food production 

During the training participants will produce a DESIGN and ACTION PLAN which they will implement during the 9 months follow up period. During this period they will be expected to participate in regular (every 4-5 weeks) online meetings. They will also receive Modules/ Information Packs and an assignment each month. There will be feedback, question time, review and reporting of progress and challenges.

We are looking for a candidate who:

– has a confirmed location to implement their design (school garden, community garden, kitchen garden, local food project, small plot, etc)

– can follow through with support of IVP

– has access to Internet to attend online meeting every four to five weeks

– can do the requested assignments



This two-year project unites formal and non-formal education through the work with the Technological University of Santa Fe, Argentina and cooperation with Universities for visibility events and Impact measurement correlation.  It will involve 33 IVS organisations from 28 countries in 5 regions.  It engages volunteers with local communities to work on grassroots projects that combine manual work and awareness raising actions to address issues such as: climate change, carbon offset, environmental sustainability, protection of ecosystems, water and soil management and conservation. (more detail available).


The aims & objectives of this project are:

 To develop IVS organisations’ youth workers and trainers capacity of acting as

multipliers in their regions and in their organisations

 To raise awareness of the work of the IVS network on Climate Justice and towards the

attainment of the SDGs through providing spaces and data for visibility and networking

on an international & local level


Volunteering to create a network of knowledge through ecological & sustainable practice.

As part of the International Voluntary Service (IVS) movement, we consider climate justice as an inevitable brick in building a sustainable future and creating a just and fair society. Our members, projects and activities stretch across the globe, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds. IVS projects and activities are a powerful tool to support local communities worldwide and allow reallocation of resources and capacities. By taking active steps against climate change and demonstrating solidarity with most vulnerable population groups and peoples, we assume our responsibility in the global sustainability challenge and seek to do our part in attaining climate justice.


Join the IVS for Climate Justice Programme – Organise a Climate Justice Workcamp!

Dear Friends,


We are happy to share that this year we are launching the new common call for projects focusing on Climate Justice.

A simple way for the IVS movement to raise awareness about our work is to showcase the projects we do very well. As such we invite you to choose one of your best practice camps related to environment / sustainability / climate justice / climate change and join this workcamp to the IVS for Climate Justice annual campaign for 2018!


You can read all about the work of the IVS movement for Climate Justice on this page:


To find out more about how you can add your workcamps to the comon campaign – read the document attached to this email.


Best wishes



CCIVS Director

NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee Vice President for Youth and Public Relations

1, rue Miollis
75015 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 45684936


Twitter @ccivs_volunteer  @raising_peace

BRIDGES – Building Relationships that Increase Diversity to Gain Environmental Sustainability


Building Relationships that Increase Diversity to Gain Environmental Sustainability

The focus of the BRIDGES initiative is to bring volunteers from across Australia and around the world to assist in the restoration of an endangered ecological system, preserving Australia’s unique beauty.  Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala (K2W) is a landscape link in the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative comprising 319, 200 hectares of biologically rich landscape supporting vulnerable and endangered native Australian species. As part of the NSW Bushconnect program, rural communities in the K2W area have set about increasing threatened species awareness, restoring connectivity, enhancing habitat quality, and monitoring native species at risk.  For this project IVP volunteers will assist at remote sites to enhance target species habitat by providing food, shelter and nesting resources over a two week period.  An intensive, two week project incorporating remote sites will greatly increase K2W program outcomes. Additionally participants will be assisting with activities that work to halt biodiversity loss on land helping to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 15.

Approximately 44% of Australia’s forests and woodlands have been cleared leading to significant habitat fragmentation affecting the viability of biodiversity and conservation outcomes.  Fragmentation is a major threat to connectivity along The Great Eastern Ranges (GER).  The GER initiative, along with a score of similarly continental scaled projects aim to restore connectivity across all forms of land tenure. This a relatively recent development, and GERI (underway since 2012) is at its forefront. Without connectivity native species cannot move across the landscape to find resources, or extend their range in response to climate change.  Connectivity is vital to species dispersal.  Lack of dispersal can lead to species isolation which increases risk of extinction.  There are multiple endangered and vulnerable species in need of conservation in the GER, including the spotted-tailed quoll and the Squirrel glider.  Volunteers are essential to these re-connectivity activities. BRIDGES will introduce volunteers to this vision on the ground.

If interested in this initiative please contact IVP Australia ( to register your details for an up coming camp.

For further information

About Us – The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative
The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) brings people and organisations together to protect, link and restore healthy habitats over 3,600km, from western Victoria through NSW and the ACT to far north Queensland.
Vision. The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative brings people and organisations together to protect, link and restore healthy habitats over 3,600km, from western Victoria through NSW and the ACT to far north Queensland.
United Nations Association of Australia. Informing, inspiring and engaging Australian’s regarding the work, goals and values of the United Nations
Australia State of the Environment 2016 is a comprehensive national assessment of the state of the Australian environment. Written by independent experts, it is an analysis of the best available evidence to give us a clear picture of what is going well and where we need to focus our efforts.


Kanangra Walls Courtesy of K2W-1
planting with K2W

[SCI-exchange] workcamp Teisani-Olteni Village Festival

Dear partners all around the world,


We are proud to announce you 

the 3rd edition of our workcamp in Teisani, Romania.

Teisani-Olteni Village Festival

lease promote

this workcamp

to your motivated volunteers.

This project is already uploaded in OPS.
If you need further information, don’t hesitate to ask.Have a nice day 😊

Placement Officer
Service Civil International Romania

Telefon: +4 0748 097 514

[SCI-announce] GAIA MicroGrants – Call for Selection Team members

GAIA MicroGrants – Call for Selection Team members


  • Do you want to become more involved in the “Climate for Peace” programme?

  • Do you want to learn more about SCI activist projects around the world?

  • Do you want to support SCI activists in their work towards climate justice?

If you answer “YES” to these questions, then keep reading…


GAIA MicroGrants team is entering its 5th phase, during which we will focus on supporting projects related to frontline communities preparing for climate change and making our food systems more sustainable. Climate change is already impacting the lives of millions of people, especially in the Global South, and communities around the world are experiencing food shortages or inequality of food distribution – in the 5th phase we will focus mostly on providing support to SCI’s branches and groups from the Global South.

Each project will be submitted to the Selection Team consisting of three volunteers, who assess them according to a set of particular criteria. You can become part of this selection team!


TASKS – You will be expected to:

  • Familiarize yourself with programme documents;

  • Read all applications (we expect around 12 applications, incoming on a rolling basis) and assess them according to programme criteria;

  • Attend monthly Skype meetings;

  • Act as a contact person for approximately four of the accepted projects (answer possible questions, remind about upcoming deadlines, review the evaluation report).

You will be supported by the programme facilitator and other team members.  All ork takes place online and we will foster a friendly and open atmosphere.


REQUIREMENTS – We are looking for SCI activists who are:

  • Familiar with concepts of climate justice and sustainable living (you don’t need to be an expert, but background knowledge is necessary);

  • Active members of SCI branch or working group;

  • Available to regularly respond to emails and participate in monthly Skype meetings;

  • Ready to remain involved throughout the entire duration of the programme phase (from mid-April until the end of 2018);

  • Willing to devote 2-6 hours each month to tasks related to the programme.


BENEFITS – What do you gain in return:

  • Contribute to promotion of climate justice and sustainable living across SCI;

  • Get an overview of SCI activist initiatives around the world;

  • Build up your experience in project management and implementation.


Send your motivation letter (max. one A4 page) to Deadline for applications – April 20, 2018.

many greetings


Sara Turra - International Coordinator
SCI - International Secretariat
Belgiëlei 37, B-2018 Antwerp - Belgium
Skype address: Sara Turra IS SCI
Phone: +32 3 2265727

[EPM] Invitation for International Camp and Workshops in Palestine

Let us go to Palestine

Join us for:

International Exchange Project in Palestine

Theme: Voluntary work for Palestinian Youth and Social and Cultural interaction.

Open to: Everyone interested from all over the world.

Costs: 450$ including Food, Accommodation, Picking up from the airport, Transportation, trips and Health Insurance.

Venue: An-Najah National University – Nablus – Palestine.

Age: 18 – 80 Years old.


Want to improve your awareness of the Palestine Question and engage culturally and socially with Palestinian daily life? Then apply for this work camp and spend an unforgettable two weeks in one of the most holy lands in the world.

The two weeks long cultural programme will shed light on the Palestinian experience. An-Najah National University in Nablus-Palestine invites people from across the world to explore this opportunity. We offer the opportunity for international volunteers to volunteer for our students for two weeks. You will also have the unique opportunity to travel across Palestine, visit sites of historical importance and engage with traditional Palestinian culture, accompanied by local volunteers.

Through international voluntary work and skill sharing, it is possible to help empower young Palestinians to create a better reality for themselves. Many international volunteers have good qualifications and skills to share with our local students, as well as, a willingness to provide assistance to our students who will attend the training workshops offered by the international volunteers.

The daily voluntary work lasts for 2-4 hours. The international volunteers will give different training workshops, which is optional and not a must. The workshops are varying; such as Public Speaking, English Conversation, Debating Skills, Communication Skills, Capacity/ Competency Building, Social Media, Film Production and Editing, etc. However, if you believe you have something different to offer for the students then you are always welcome to bring your own workshop ideas to the table. Training workshops will take place from Sunday to Thursday from 14:00 – 18:00. (Optional).
How to apply?

If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to apply for one of our international work camps:
Suggested dates of our exchange work camps:

You can make a Difference : 01st – 14th July 2018

Reach out and influence someone : 01st – 14th August 2018

Taking You Forward : 03rd – 16th September 2018
Best regards,

Zajel Youth Exchange Program
Public Relations Department
An-Najah National University
Nablus, Palestine
Tel: 009702345113-Ex: 2201
Mobile: 00970592444817
Fax: 0097092345982


[SCI] Call for tender: Visual Identity for Service Civil International

SCI is looking for a graphic designer, that would design our renewed logo as well as a 100 years special edition of it!

SCI will have existed for 100 years in 2020. As part of the celebrations and to take SCI into the future, SCI is releasing an open call for a new and refeshed logo, as well as a special 100 edition logo and some promotional templates.

Are you familiar with SCI’s values, goals and mission?
Would you like take part in designing the future SCI?

Find the call here, with all the details!

Please note, that we are asking for a very quick, rough sketch, as well as the filled table with your quote.
The deadline is 14 March 2018. The decision will be made at the latest on 19 March 2018.

Looking forward to receiving you sketches!

[Sci-announce] New online course peace messengers!

Dear all,

We are glad to announce a new SCI- Peace Messengers (PM) online course from 9th of March till 13th of April 2018. Would you like to learn for and about peace? Do you want to start facilitating sessions about peace yourself –offline at workcamps or online-? And to share thoughts about peace with like-minded people from different countries/background? In an informal way you learn the basics of being a peace-messenger during the course. The backbone of the course are weekly skype-meetings at Wednesday 8pm CET (five times, 14th of March till 11th of April) and assignments in between.
Please note that the course is free, but not without obligation, it takes average 4-5 hours time-investment a week, including the skype-meeting.

Below you can find a more detailed outline of the course.

This is a new opportunity for you to be involved! Fill in the following form and send it at the latest Tuesday 6th of March to

Country/SCI Branch:
Role in SCI (if relevant):
skype id:
(short) motivation:

Peace Messengers Network


Basically the course is split up in 5 blocks (5 weeks)

week 1:
introduction in peace
introduction with each other

week 2
exploring peace, more in depth:
a) quotes, pictures, songs etc
b) peace on different levels
c) the ‘perfect’ peace-maker: who is that?

week 3
SCI and peace
a) why is a (SCI-)workcamp related to peace
b) values of SCI

week 4
peace-messenger of SCI
a) how to set up a (peace) workshop, (for example at a workcamp)
b) roles and tasks of a peace-,messenger

week 5
a) topic, defined by participants of the course (for example conflict-management, climate justice, gender and peace etc.)
b) evaluation and follow-up

Each week there will be
1) a skype-chat meeting (eg not speaking, but typing) with 8-10 other participants
2) two assignments, an individual one and a pair-assignment, where you will work together on with another participant

Moreover there will be a virtual class-room, where you can discuss with the other participants about any topic related to peace (time-investment up to you).

Our vision is a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflicts.

Our mission is to promote peace and intercultural understanding to empower people to implement and promote pacifist values in their lives.
Peace Messengers are using the non formal education methodology for sessions on workcamps to connect the camps with SCI’s identity as a peace organisation.

Sci-announce mailing list

[MNCYA]work camp – Feast of Na-Tcha in the Historic Centre of Macau

Dear IVP,

Hope this email finds you are in good conditions!

As we mentioned that MNCYA is going to held an International work-camp this June! Our workcamp – Feast of Na-Tcha in the Historic Centre of Macau, is mainly about traditional culture preservation and cultural heritage promotion, through a series of workshops and participation in the Feast and Parade. Thus, it provides a very good opportunity for volunteers to join the festival as a cultural event, to get familiar with the Macau World Heritage, experience the unique “East meets west” culture while working along with the local people.

Project code: MY001-18

Date: 23 June to 2 July, 2018 (10 days)

Place: Macau SAR, China

International volunteers needed: 12

Accommodation: Hostel (Sleeping bag is not necessary)

Attached the leaflet is for your details. If you have any questions, or if there is any updates on your work-camps, please feel free to contact us, we’ll promote them to our volunteers asap.

Looking forward to meeting you again and keep in touch.

Macao International Workcamp 2018 Leaflet


Amanda Lou

Deputy Executive Director

Tel.: +853 66224636