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IVP organises volunteer projects
in communities across the globe.

we bring together people of diverse race, ideology,
nationality and age who live together while working
on a community project .

Help for Community Groups

What does IVP do?

International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. IVP is a member of Service Civil International, an international non-governmental voluntary service organisation with contact branches in over 60 countries worldwide. IVP exchanges volunteers with its partners worldwide, providing opportunities for people from varied cultures to work together at a grassroots level. The concept began in 1920 as a way to create peace between people and nations.

How can IVP help you?

IVP can enrol an international team of 5 to 15 volunteers to give practical assistance on your project for 3 weeks or 3 days.

How does it work?

Volunteers both contribute and learn while engaged in a tangible way with local issues. The group live and work together, creating cross-cultural understanding and cooperation leading to a more positive vision for our world and the future.

What kind of Project can the volunteers anticipate?

Previous volunteer groups have engaged with heritage conservation, environmental protection, community events or assisted underprivileged groups. Volunteers can undertake tasks as diverse as manual labour to research to social work.

What is the role of Project Partners?

Your organisation should have a concrete project and be able to organise and direct the work. Costs are kept to a minimum but accommodation needs to be sourced and a contribution to running costs is expected. IVP is keen to build an on-going relationship with the project partner so that volunteers and local committees alike can track progress and build on goodwill.

Who are IVP’s Project Partners?

Over the last 25 years, IVP has assisted many organisations including:
•  Shalom Aboriginal College, Townsville – manual work in school grounds and classroom assistance
•  CERES, Melbourne – organising a Community Arts Festival
•  Breakaway, Central Coast – a holiday camp for people with disabilities and their carers
•  Taralga Showground Committee – creek habitat restoration and environmental workshops with primary  school children.

Testimonials about About International Volunteers for Peace

“The experience changed my life, cementing some choices but also sending me off in new directions …Immense and sincere thanks.” – Shalom Workcamp volunteer

If you have a project or project idea that could use a band of willing Australian and/or international volunteers, please send us an email to We’d love to hear from you.


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