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Frequently asked questions

FAQ's about IVP workshops

How do I become a member?

To become an IVP member, please complete the Membership form and pay the applicable membership fee. If you are applying for Concession or Student Membership please attach evidence at the link provided in the form so that it can be verified. You can also scan and email the evidence to IVP at

How do I apply for a short-term project/workcamp?

IVP uses an online placement system for the receipt and processing of applications. Once you have selected a workcamp (you may select up to six), you have to register on the online placement system and provide all the requested information. You will then have an account. Please see: workcamp application process and video How to apply for a workcamp

On successfully completing the form you will receive a confirmation email that your form has been received. The next step would be to pay the workcamp application fee. This can be done by bank transfer using the bank account details below:

Account name: International Volunteers for Peace Inc

Bank: Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633000 Acct No: 156815888

IVP is a membership-based organisation. If you are not already a member you also need to complete a Membership form and pay the applicable membership fee to the above bank account.

Can I volunteer as camp coordinator?

Absolutely. You can participate in a workcamp as camp coordinator, helping other volunteers establish themselves in the camp, facilitating study parts or meetings, acting as intermediary between the local partners and the volunteers and contributing to creating a happy and collaborative atmosphere. If interested, please email:

What are the workcamp application fees?

The workcamp application fee is $350 per workcamp. For concession applications (students and concession holders) the application fee is $300. In case you are concurrently applying for more than one workcamp you should contact us at to enquire if any discounts are available.

Please note that while many of our workcamps do not have any additional participation fee, certain workcamps do require the payment of an additional participation fee. This fee is payable to the host organisation on arrival at the workcamp. Generally, this fee is payable in Euros or USD. This information would be clearly specified in the workcamp details provided.

How is workcamp application fee used?

The workcamp application fees are used to help run workcamps and to develop new projects, pay insurance for volunteers on workcamps, help towards IVP’s administration costs, undertake evaluation of Australian projects and pay membership fees to our networks annually. The fee also covers your basic food and accommodation costs on many workcamps. Please see: IVP fees 

All our staff members are volunteers. We do our best to make your payment go a long way!

Is food and accommodation provided on the project/workcamp?

Yes. The project hosts will provide you with food and accommodation while you are taking part in the project. If you want to travel independently before or after the workcamp, then you will need to make your own arrangements and cover your own costs during this time.

Accommodation could be very simple or moderately luxurious, eg. mattresses in a school hall, camping, dormitories in a youth hostel, a residential centre or even a historic castle! There will be washing facilities and cooking facilities.

As you’ll be living in a larger group than usual, you may not have as much privacy as you are used to. The group will usually share cooking and cleaning tasks on a roster basis so bring your favourite recipes with you.

Is it all work?

No! Working hours do vary from project to project but generally you will work 30+ hours a week, with evenings and weekends free. An important part of every workcamp is how the group organises social activities. After the day’s work, there will be time to play, listen to music, cook, discuss, sing, write to loved ones, learn local phrases and visit local haunts! Activities are generally decided by the group, so you can have your say.

Which languages do I need to know?

Speaking other languages always helps when living with an international group and can enrich your experience. Certain workcamps do have specific language requirements (especially some in France, and those in Morocco, Tunisia and Latin America). This will be stated in the workcamp description. For the vast majority of workcamps, the link language is English.

Are there any age restrictions?

IVP projects are open to everyone between 18 and 99 years of age. Some workcamps do have age restrictions on the volunteers they can accept due to the nature of their funding. This information is included in the workcamp description so you will know before you apply for a particular workcamp. If the workcamp description doesn’t state an age limit (and the vast majority of them don’t) then they are open to all ages.

What if the project is in a dangerous area?

IVP does not send volunteers to workcamps if there is a clear risk of violence, political uprising or natural disaster. In most cases, the workcamp hosting country will cancel workcamps if such dangers exist.

Some situations are, of course, unavoidable – such as natural disasters (extreme weather, earthquakes, etc.) – and you should ensure that you take out your own comprehensive travel insurance to cover such eventualities. You should also check the Australian Government’s travel advisory service: for the latest travel warnings and advice.

Do you help with travel arrangements?

As a volunteer you are responsible for organising and paying for your own travel to and from the workcamp. Please check travel costs before applying for workcamps in far away destinations. If you cannot afford to get to a workcamp, then please don’t apply for it, but choose one in a country to which travel is more affordable for you.

Once accepted into a workcamp you will receive a detailed information sheet which will include instructions on how to get to your workcamp from the airport, train station or bus terminal in the country of your project. Some workcamps may ask you to make your own way to your accommodation; most will meet you at the airport or a designated meeting point.

What about visas?

If you are applying for workcamps in countries for which you need a visa, you will also have to cover the cost of visa applications.

Some countries require that you have a visa in advance of your travel (eg. Russia, Ukraine). In these situations, IVP will provide invitation letters and supporting documentation to help you get your visa for the project dates. In all cases, it is your responsibility to apply for and collect your visa.

It may be necessary for you to make a special journey to a capital city to collect your visa from an embassy in person. You’ll need to make sure that you apply for the visa in good time (at least one month before your project start date) and that your passport is valid.

Am I insured while working on the project?

SCI provides limited insurance cover for accidents and illness. This insurance covers volunteers for the duration of the workcamp, unless you are involved in activities organised independent of the workcamp. By special arrangement, you can also extend this cover for some days before and after the workcamp. 

However, we strongly recommend that you take out your own private insurance cover before going abroad, and that it include full accident and medical cover for all eventualities.  Standard travel insurance is normally okay. If possible, it should also cover travel cost reimbursement, just in case your workcamp is cancelled at short notice. Volunteers on Australian workcamps are also covered by IVP’s Volunteer Accident Insurance policy.

Can my children come with me?

We welcome applications from volunteers wishing to bring their children, but you will need to be fairly flexible about which workcamp you are willing to do and open to workcamps which may be offered to you. It’s best to check with the respective workcamp before applying to be sure that the chosen workcamp can accept children. Please note that under 16s are not covered by SCI’s insurance.

Does my disability stop me from applying for a project?

No it doesn’t. You will need to tell us about the nature of your disability when applying to a workcamp. We’ll make every effort to accommodate volunteers on the workcamp of their choice but certain workcamps may not be accessible for certain disabilities.

Conditions do vary from workcamp to workcamp and so you will need to be flexible about the project you are willing to do and be open to workcamps which may be offered to you. Use the additional space on the application form to describe any particular requirements you may have.

What is IVP’s cancellation and refund policy?

IVP is a not-for-profit organisation. It cannot accept any liability for any inconvenience caused or costs incurred, other than the application fee, in the event of cancellation, either by you or of the workcamp itself.

The following Cancellation and Refund Policy applies to all workcamp applications. Please note that these policies are subject to review and change.

Workcamp preferences unavailable:

If IVP cannot place you on any of your workcamp preferences, you are entitled to a full refund of your application fee, minus an administration fee of A$15.

If the volunteer cancels after being accepted into a work camp:

  • giving notice of more than 4 weeks before the workcamp start date – 50% of the Application Fee will be refunded
  • giving notice of less than 4 weeks before the workcamp start date – no refund of Application Fee

In all cases IVP will retain your membership fee and you will continue to receive information about events and be eligible to apply for other workcamps.

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