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We together from many different
countries, cultures & backgrounds
to live and work on worthwhile
projects to benefit communities.

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Short-term Volunteer Projects

Short-term Volunteer Projects, are a unique form of doing voluntary work. They bring volunteers together from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work on worthwhile projects of benefit to local communities.

The projects are designed to support and encourage local initiatives that are often continued after the work camp has ended. With a group of volunteers working together to “get the job done” you will be helping organisations achieve a particular task that desperately needs doing.


Short-term Volunteer Projects have three main purposes:

  • the practical assistance given by the volunteers 
  • to introduce volunteers to problems which face communities in their struggles for peace, social justice and environmental sustainability
  • the cultural exchange which takes place between workcamp volunteers, and between volunteers and the community in which they are working.

Short-term Volunteer Projects will always include a study element relevant to the work being undertaken, or to the community in which the workcamp is located. 

Duration and Activities

Short-term Volunteer Projects are usually 2 to 4 weeks in length
- work with a team of 5 to 25 international volunteers
- are facilitated by a pre-determined workcamp Leader, who will liaise with the local community on behalf of the volunteers. They will also manage the workcamp budget (for food, etc) and organise cultural activities, team-building exercises, etc
- involve various types of work, depending on the project. Food and accommodation are provided. Work will usually be 4 to 6 hours each day, with time off each week for local sightseeing/cultural activities with the group.

Project Categories

Volunteer Projects are available in the following areas/topics:

  • Art, culture and local history
  • Climate and sustainable lifestyle
  • Community life
  • People with disabilities
  • Refugees, immigrants and ethnic minorities
  • Children and youth
  • Environment protection
  • Poverty and social injustice
  • Peace and disarmament
  • International solidarity
  • Gender equality and sexuality
  • Elderly people
  • Other

 special topics such as Climate for Peace campaign, Building Bridges and others.

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Please note: IVP is a membership-based organisation. To be accepted on one of our projects you must firstly become a member.