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Dealing with microaggressions: how confident are you?

Are you a youth worker, a trainer or a coordinator? Would you like to know more about activities you can run to raise awareness on gender and create a safe space for your participants?

The “Free to Be You and Me” toolkit provides notions on gender and sexuality, guidelines on how to create a safe space, and lots of examples of activities that can be run on the topic of #gender and #sexuality.

Download the #toolkit here 👉 and use it for your activities‼️

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What makes volunteering with us so special?

We see volunteering as a way of achieving social change.

Bringing people from around the world together to do something practical and learn about each other is a great start. As an IVP volunteer you should be ready to ask and be asked; to question and explain your values and those of your society; to share information and to teach and be taught.

Our activities encourage understanding, promote discussion and an appreciation of the problems that different communities face in their struggles for social justice and environmental harmony.








Volunteer Stories

Australia Volunteer Project
Olivier Lozano and Ysabeau Rycx took a year out from their jobs in France to volunteer in workcamps in Australia and Africa. Their two weeks spent on a workcamp at Shalom College in Townsville opened their eyes and their hearts…


How Can I Help

Thank you for your interest in IVP. There are so many ways you can help. We are a community of ordinary people making a real difference. Not only do we help others, that sense of accomplishment you feel from volunteering is simply indescribable.