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This July in Russia, there is an opportunity of volunteering in an eco-park 🍀👇[Discover Russia through the NATURE!]#volunteerwithus #passagezebra

Workcamp in the eco-park YASNO POLE: Life in peace and harmony with all facilities in the modern Russian village!
Dates: 29/07/19 - 08/08/19
Age: 18+
Language: English
Number of volunteers: 10

* This is a place for rest, work, development and just real Life on earth.
The main words in the Eco-park's vocabulary are Creation, Beauty, Silence, the Presence and there are particular reasons for it! On the territory of 500 hectares the culture of agro-tourism and real rural life are developing, with active recreation, healthy nutrition, creativity, as well as research and implementation of the most advanced technologies of green architecture and construction. It is is a true modern Russian village, where there is place for community living, sharing, meditating and harmony.

* Main duties of volunteers will include help in the organic garden: picking berries and wild herbs/tree leaves; preparation of organic fertilizer (manure of cattle, goats, horses, poultry) and its introduction into the soil to increase fertility; training for those wishing, methods and techniques on beekeeping with honey tasting; assistance in taking care of horses and a llama.

* You can always apply for our projects through your national organisation in Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and Service Civil International (SCI)

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What makes volunteering with us so special?

We see volunteering as a way of achieving social change.

Bringing people from around the world together to do something practical and learn about each other is a great start. As an IVP volunteer you should be ready to ask and be asked; to question and explain your values and those of your society; to share information and to teach and be taught.

Our activities encourage understanding, promote discussion and an appreciation of the problems that different communities face in their struggles for social justice and environmental harmony.








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How Can I Help

Thank you for your interest in IVP. There are so many ways you can help. We are a community of ordinary people making a real difference. Not only do we help others, that sense of accomplishment you feel from volunteering is simply indescribable.