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Be the face of volunteering in the 21st Century! GLOVOLA - an international networking, capacity building, educating and innovating project - is coming to Sydney in June 2015. Read more here

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IVP has hundreds of projects in every region of the world. We specialise in short-term projects (2-4 weeks) which require no skills other than your time, commitment and enthusiasm.

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New Australian project in 2015


danSCIng: SCI branches all over the world show their moves!

Swimming class: Australian volunteer Paula loved her 2006 workcamp at Blue Rose School in Sri Lanka so much that she organised to go back 12 months later and teach the children to swim

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"The best part was knowing I had made a small contribution to the community ..."
Lisa, Bangladesh project

"I was able to seize the opportunity of volunteering, live the life of a local in a way an ordinary traveller would not have".
Kathleen, Russia Project

"The experience changed my life ..."
Olivier, Australia project

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