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Two workcamps of IVP Indonesia

Dear friends,

Please help us to find volunteers for our two camps below!

Thank you in advance….

Kind regards,

IVP-Indonesia team


ID-IVP 11.1 Semoya Eco-Farming Camp,   1st of July- 14th of July 2024

Semoya is a Javanese traditional village located in the Yogyakarta region. The society here still maintains its agricultural tradition, transforming it actually to eco-friendly agriculture.  As a tourist village destination too, the Semoya community continues to preserve Javanese culture as one of their daily activities. Work: (amongst others): producing organic fertiliser, creating a perma-culture garden, supporting community and cultural arts activities.

ID-IVP 11.2 Sendangguwo Permaculture Camp, 3rd of July- 16th of July 2024

This garden in Semarang focuses on developing organic farming production facilities by using the natural resources available around the small garden, managed independently. Work:  helping -together with local volunteers- starting an organic fertiliser production centre for the organic farming community in Semarang and organizing a farming workshop about permaculture principles implementation.