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UKRAINEL: Start negotiating. Stop the War.

 Media Release
                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  25th February, 2022

UKRAINE: Start negotiating. Stop the War.

IPAN joins Nuclearban.USin calling for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and for negotiations leading to a peaceful solution to the present crisis, taking into consideration the wider security needs of all the parties involved, including Russia.

IPAN Spokesperson Mr. Stephen Darley states “the question needs to be asked is this a proxy war between two competing powers Russia and the USA?

Further he states “The illegal attacks on Ukrainian military installations by Russia closely follows the pattern of recent illegal and disastrous invasions of other countries by the United States.”
“The US and allied invasion and occupation of Iraq, for instance, was in direct violation of UN resolutions and of international law. The NATO bombing of Serbia four years earlier was similarly in direct violation of UN resolutions and of international law.”

IPAN calls on the Australian Government to support a peaceful and just resolution in Ukraine by:Calling for an immediate de-escalation of the current crisis. A diplomatic path forward is still possible such as military disengagement and a negotiated solution. Such a response could be based on the 2015 Minsk agreement, that takes into account the legitimate security interests of Russia and Ukraine including the 4 million people of the Donbass region.
Calling for a United Nations Peacekeeping force to be formed to supervise a ceasefire.
Calling on all relevant parties to cease military operations in Ukraine and support a ceasefire, including a cessation of hostilities between the government of Ukraine and the people of Donbass.
Supporting the retention of Russian troops in the Donbass region to protect the people of Donbass until they can determine their own future.
Signing the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) as this current crisis highlights the danger of an escalation to a nuclear conflict.
Mr Darley urges this course of action on the Australian government saying: “These actions are urgent and necessary to forestall the potential for an escalating war which could involve the U.S. and NATO military against the Russian military causing widespread destruction and suffering together with the danger of nuclear weapons being used.”
IPAN therefore also calls on the Australian GovernmentTo desist in the application of sanctions against the Russian Government which impact on Russian people
To cease military or intelligence support for the Ukrainian government and
To promote these peace proposals by urging the UK and US governments with whom it has close relationships, to support them also.
We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and Russia in their demands for peace.