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Paradise-birds (NL-VIA looking for volunteers)

Dear placement-officers

They are sometimes called ‘paradise-birds’ in the Netherlands. This is an umbrella-name for people who live ‘at the edge’ of Dutch society, be it homeless ones, people with drugs or other addiction (past) or refugees/sans papiers. Emmaus is an international movement (like SCI) who provides a daily volunteer work-schedule and often also a place to live for those paradise-birds.

At the same time Emmaus is selling second-hand goods and the profit is either going to the Emmaus living and working community or to projects in the global South. In line with the solidarity-mission of Emmaus and those of SCI, VIA-NL is organizing a project at Emmaus Langeweg.

At the moment VIA-NL is urgently looking for volunteers for this project. Detailed information can be found at

Please help us to find volunteers for this special project! Thanks in advance…..



Warm Regards,

Stichting VIA
The Netherlands

Opportunity for an Internship in Belgium

Opportunity for an Internship in Belgium. Are you interested in joining the IVP volunteer team? We are looking for a candidate aged between 18-30 to help out here in Australia as well as being offered an interview for an 8-month post in our multi-cultural International Secretariat in Antwerp, with travel and accommodation covered. The skill level required is quite high (see link) and whoever we recommend for this position would also have to be involved with IVP here before and after the overseas post.