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Report on Raising Peace Festival – September 2021

Raising Peace

The Raising Peace festival was held from 16th to 26th of September  2021.  30 organisations were involved with 37 events taking place via Zoom over the 11 days. There were a variety of topics related to peace, such as disarmament, environment, women, militarisation, healing the past, youth, international diplomacy, cross-cultural understanding, arts, finding personal and community peace, non-violence, education, First Nations and a special session on Afghanistan.  There were 100 different presenters and speakers and over 1000 people participated, mainly from Sydney but we also had people tuning in from Malaysia, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe and other places.  All the sessions were recorded and are available on the website:

To quote from some of the responses:  

Bronwen: This was truly the most magnificent event. I am so impressed with the skills and steadfastness I experienced along the way, to the generosity of so many and the most incredibly informative and interesting outcome.

Tim (UNAA): Your initiation of the idea of such a festival in early 2020 was inspirational, and your perseverance through all the restrictions imposed by COVID 19 to develop such a far-reaching program involving 30 organisation and 37 events has been most worthwhile. 

Lynne:  Each session I viewed was incredibly well structured, the speakers complimented each other to create synergy and explore deeper processes/meaning. It was great to see involvement of young people too.

Frank: I would also like to thank all those who contributed with so many constructive ideas during the various online sessions. The community building during the festival augurs well for future Raising Peace festivals and related events and activities both online and in person.

[Sci-announce] FDTA Update

Dear all,

I’m writing this email to share some good news with you. 

The “From Dreams To Actions” training course is still looking for participants and the call is uploaded to SALTO!!! The deadline to apply through this platform is the 29th August. 

It will still be possible to apply after that deadline here. We review applications on a rolling basis!

Please, feel free to share the call through social media and to spread the word.

Have a joyful day,


Hasna El Hiyani(she/her)
Projects Volunteer 

SCI International Secretariat
Antwerp – Belgium 
+32 (0)3 226 57 27 

CCIVS in Action – Impact Measurement & Quality Improvement

Impact research seeks to determine and explain the impact of IVS on volunteers & host communities. The results are used to promote IVS to our stakeholders providing greater visibility for our activities.
As feedback they enable us to improve our projects

CCIVS promotes the value of International Voluntary Service as a tool for non formal and popular education, where learning is intended, organised, and can produce transformational change for the individuals, communities and organisations involved. By looking at our volunteer programs and participants with the support of strategic research, we therefore aim at building a path towards the recognition of such value, which is reflected in the progressive and complementary achievement of three objectives:

  • Understanding our practices and the experiences of the participants, and how they influence each other, creating new knowledge, skills and attitudes about and towards themselves, their communities and the larger and interconnected global society;
  • Improving the capacity of the organisations, communities and individual volunteers involved in our projects to positively take into account these accrued competences and become conscious actors of change;
  • Valorising the unique processes and results that stakeholders create together thanks to the invaluable interactions of international voluntary service, giving them wider visibility across the institutional and public spheres.

CCIVS approach to impact is highly participative in nature, from the definition of common goals and questions with the members and stakeholders concerned, to the training of field practitioners and the innovative implementation of participative analysis and implementation research.

Utilising both quantitative and qualitative methods, it relies on two key concepts: the idea of change, as developed by several CCIVS members and partners during the first “Changing Perspectives” project, coordinated by Solidarités Jeunesses France, for the specific field of International Voluntary Service:

“A change or an effect on individuals, collectives or environments in the short, medium and long term. Produced by interaction between individuals, communities and environments in the context of International Voluntary Service actions. Perceivable, and as such could lead to social recognition or personal acknowledgment.”

And the idea of impact assessment, which looks at the correspondence between our goals and objectives as indicated in the Constitution and outlined by specific programs and projects, and the actual results we manage to achieve. This is exemplified by the definition given by Rossi, Lipsey and Freeman in Evaluation:
A Systemic Approach (2004):

“Impact assessments are undertaken to find out whether programs actually produce the intended effects. A program effect, or impact, refers to a change in the target population or social conditions that has been brought about by the program, that is, a change that would not have occurred had the program been absent. […] establishing that the program is a cause of some specified effect.”

Building on the key ideas of impact as change and assessment, the research work implemented by CCIVS and its members and partners is integrated in, and nourishes, the network’s structural processes of monitoring and quality improvement. These focus on the three pillars of International Voluntary Service, adapting different methodologies to address specific goals:

  • Individuals (Quantitative and qualitative research, Training): Personal, Interpersonal and Social development, Life skills and competences.
  • Communities (Qualitative research, participative analysis): Intercultural learning, Active Citizenship and Participation, Conflict Management, Technical Work and Realizations.

Organisations and Institutions (Implementation research, Capacity building, Pentagon methodology): Structure, Functioning, Relationships, Communication, Financial Sustainability.

Launching the Soil Manifesto & Call for Participants International Training Seminar in France

Dear Friends,

This week we are coming with exciting news! In less than two weeks we are launching the Soil Manifesto and we will need your support to collect signatures. We are also sharing with you the Call for Participants of the “International Training Seminar on the Role of Intercultural Voluntary Projects in The Process of Inclusion and Participation of Young Migrants and Refugees”.
The countdown has begun! Launching the Soil Manifesto on August 9📢

It’s time to warm up the engines. In the last months, we have received inputs from lawyers and activists to create a Manifesto that takes into account existing environmental laws and movements. Kate Curtis, Coordinator of the Soil Manifesto, finalised the Manifesto and together with a team of volunteers, we translated it to German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. The Manifesto will be available in 10 languages!

The countdown has begun! What does it mean? Next Monday we will post on social media for the ‘one week to launch’ and we will post also for ‘3 days left’, ‘2 days left’ and ‘1 day left’. We need your support to spread the word! Share the news within your organisation, family, friends, volunteers, camp leaders,… Use your social media profiles, pages, newsletter,… everything!

And, why not, save the event on your calendar to remind you that on August 9 you have to sign the Soil Manifesto!

The event is public! 🔗

Call for Participants of the “International Training Seminar on the Role of Intercultural Voluntary Projects in The Process of Inclusion and Participation of Young Migrants and Refugees”

As the main partner of the project INVOLVE, CCIVS is proposing a training seminar on the role of intercultural voluntary projects in the process of inclusion and participation of young migrants and refugees under its annual campaign Raising Peace framework.

The Training Seminar aims to strengthen the capacity and resources of voluntary service organisations and NGOs that work or want to work with young migrants and refugees and use intercultural voluntary service as a social inclusion tool

📅  16 September 2021 (arrival) – 23 September 2021 (departure)

🏡  Vaunières, France (hosted by Solidarités Jeunesses)

🌐 Participants: 14 from Europe, 1 from Africa, 1 from America, 1 from Asia, 1 from Arab States

Participants can submit their application by 15 August via the online application form. The selection result will be communicated by 18 August.

For more information you can read the CALL via this link.

That’s all for this week! If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Júlia Pérez Lema
CCIVS Communication Officer
1, rue Miollis
75015 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 45684936
Facebook /secretariatccivs
Instagram @ccivsvolunteer
Twitter @ccivs_volunteer  @raising_peace

[Sci-announce] Recruitment for a new International Coordinator

Dear all, 

As a follow-up, we’d like to share some links you can use to advertise the open International Coordinator Position. 






Here you can find the designs to use for your own promotion.

We would appreciate it if you disseminate the open position widely and feel free to come back to me with any suggestions or questions. 



SCI is looking for a new International Coordinator

SCI is looking for a new International Coordinator to lead its International Secretariat located in Antwerp, Belgium!
We are looking for someone with strong leadership and communication skills, intercultural experience, strategic thinking and interest to work in an international organisation with a mission to create a culture of peace.  
The call is on the international website and can be found here:


The Philippines is an archipelagic nation wherein marine life is our way of life. Through this workcamp, we look forward to bringing in a global perspective to our local situation and together expand our motivation to be a SEA advocate: Exploring Marine Life Biodiversity (SDG 14: Life Below Water). 
Dates: 26 – 30 July, 2021
Deadline of Application: July 22, 2021

For detailed workcamp description and to apply, please contact

Plants for Peace forging ahead

Plants for Peace team has two new recruits, sisters Margaret and Joan. They helped out in Goulburn this week with the plants that are in transit to South Coast.  Together with Rita, they sorted, counted and identified as well as pruned and re-potted those that needed some TLC.  Margaret and Joan have good plant knowledge and were able to identity some that I was not sure of. 

We are grateful to Michael who is now doing regular trips between Sydney and Goulburn and liaising with Mahesh to bringing a load of plants with each trip. 

The community of Moruya are awaiting our next delivery as they already have plans in place to take the plants on to surrounding communities.

Another exciting development is our new collaboration with Foundation for National Parks to source and deliver site-specific plants to areas where needed.  

Margaret documenting and Joan pruning.

Annual General Meeting 2021

2pm on 23rd May 2021

To be held on-line.

Join by phone‪ (AU) +61 3 8594 9946‬ PIN: ‪768 561 055‬#

More phone numbers

Members are invited to attend the 2021 AGM of International Volunteers for Peace Inc.  You do not need to register to attend.  The formal requirements are acceptance of minutes of the last AGM and the 2020 finance, followed by reports from office holders in the present committee (available beforehand through the website) and Elections for the new Committee. 

There will be opportunities to put your thoughts or queries to the outgoing committee. If you wish to express an interest in becoming more involved in IVP please put your name forward for the new committee either at the meeting, or contact me on  

The Peace Fair later in the year; and the prospect of revival of volunteer projects post-lockdown gives an opportunity to shape IVPs progress over next months.  IVP in its eventful years of existence has affected the lives of many Australians who have come in contact with it – at one of the actions close to home, or as volunteers placed at workcamps overseas. We warmly welcome reconnection with workcamp volunteers, or activists from earlier days. It might be too that you now have time or opportunity to resume the journey or encourage others to set out.

In peace

Stephen Horn

For the 2020 IVP Committee  

SCI 2020 Report

SCI has just released the 2020 SCI annual Report.