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[MNCYA]work camp – Feast of Na-Tcha in the Historic Centre of Macau

Dear IVP,

Hope this email finds you are in good conditions!

As we mentioned that MNCYA is going to held an International work-camp this June! Our workcamp – Feast of Na-Tcha in the Historic Centre of Macau, is mainly about traditional culture preservation and cultural heritage promotion, through a series of workshops and participation in the Feast and Parade. Thus, it provides a very good opportunity for volunteers to join the festival as a cultural event, to get familiar with the Macau World Heritage, experience the unique “East meets west” culture while working along with the local people.

Project code: MY001-18

Date: 23 June to 2 July, 2018 (10 days)

Place: Macau SAR, China

International volunteers needed: 12

Accommodation: Hostel (Sleeping bag is not necessary)

Attached the leaflet is for your details. If you have any questions, or if there is any updates on your work-camps, please feel free to contact us, we’ll promote them to our volunteers asap.

Looking forward to meeting you again and keep in touch.

Macao International Workcamp 2018 Leaflet


Amanda Lou

Deputy Executive Director

Tel.: +853 66224636


[Sci-exchange] New workcamp in Portugal

Hello everyone! :) We are happy to announce our new workcamp in Portugal. It will be from 4 to 15 of June and you can find all the information here:

In the year of 2017, Portugal was particularly hit by violent fires that destroyed a very significant part of the forest, villages, and took the life of more than a hundred people. In this context of destruction of the natural and humanized spaces, it is urgent not only an intervention to clean the forests but also a strong environmental education of the populations to prevent as much as possible events such as the ones that happened the last year. And this is exactly what the volunteers of this workcamp will do in Vinhais!

Please help us promote this workcamp :) Looking forward to get your applications! Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Ines Ferrao