Opportunity for an Internship in Belgium

Opportunity for an Internship in Belgium. Are you interested in joining the IVP volunteer team? We are looking for a candidate aged between 18-30 to help out here in Australia as well as being offered an interview for an 8-month post in our multi-cultural International Secretariat in Antwerp, with travel and accommodation covered. The skill level required is quite high (see link) and whoever we recommend for this position would also have to be involved with IVP here before and after the overseas post.


SCI E-zine: February 2019 – workcamp edition

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Your workcamp is waiting!

Welcome to the start of the workcamp season! Workcamps are being uploaded daily to and we can wait for you to have a look. Enjoy reading about some of our newest opportunities and choose the one that excites you most.
Make sure send us fun pictures of your experiences! :)

Capacity building and human library in Hong Kong (March)

SCI Hong Kong is working with seven secondary schools in Hong Kong on a Global Education project.

Non-formal education methods are used and activities in these workshops include story drawings, invisible theatre.
Volunteers will assist in running the program, including preparation of food and workshops.
During the program volunteers will also visit two schools to conduct a Human Library in which volunteers will become a human book.

Who doesn’t like to read? Find more details here.

Rome International Soup Festival (April)

“La Città dell’Utopia” (The City of Utopia) is a project of SCI Italy located in San Paolo district, Rome. The project is an experiment in creating active citizenship and local development. Different events, initiatives, workshops concerning the topics of interculturality, sustainable lifestyle and active citizenship take place here.

Fancy some soup? Read more about the project here.

Community life in Northern Ireland (May)

This project has been gathering SCI volunteers since 1975! It is a residential and day activity centre, owned by Harmony Community Trust, near to Strangford in Northern Ireland. They need help with setting up and assisting with the annual fundraising Open Day on Sunday 2nd June.

“I left feeling that I understood very little of the complexities that have engulfed Northern Ireland for centuries. Glebe House makes the need for understanding more about the future than the past.”

Read more about the workcamp here and also a story from a former volunteer here!

Art and culture in Portugal (June)

VILA ArtFest is a celebration of all types of art worked and explored by the people from the youngest village in Portugal – Lousada. Every year in June, the city hall promotes the sharing and demonstration of different types of art. During this month, the local artists can share their work with the local and tourists. This year, VILA ArtFest wants to go further and challenge new artists from other communities and nationalities to create and celebrate different kinds of art.

See more information here.

Sustainable lifestyle in Germany (July)

In the age of climate change and global injustice, we ask ourselves if we have to change our consumption-oriented and resource-wasting lifestyle.
There is an interesting workcamp in Germany that tackles these challenges, explores a simple life by work in the fields and botany.

Click here for more information.

Environment protection in Siberia (July)

Interested in environment protection?
There is an interesting workcamp in Eastern Siberia!

International volunteers together with local volunteers will be engaged in the construction of an international youth camp on Bournina Island in Irkutsk Region (Russian Federation).

You can read more here.


Mile High in Mongolia: a workcamp story

by Monica Kampfer

Attending a work camp near Ulaanbaatar gave Monica Kampfer a chance to help Mongolia’s orphans and experience the nomadic lifestyle.

After spending a day sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s polluted and overcrowded capital, it was a relief to arrive at the camp. The campsite at Buhug was in a very remote and beautiful location, surrounded by green hills and blue sky.

The children gave us a warm welcome and the more outgoing ones wanted to talk to us straight away. They were from the government-run orphanage. During the summer the orphans stay in two summer camps. This one is a vegetable farm and houses 150 children aged from eight to 18. It grows food for the kids to eat in the winter.

Getting to know the sea turtle: a workcamp story from Mexico

By Jade Herriman

“For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings, they are other nations caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth” – Henry Beston

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